9 April 2015

“Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing” – Muhammad Ali

If you’ve ever had a tour around UKFast Campus, you might have noticed the huge vinyl image of Muhammad Ali looking out over the second floor. It’s no surprise we chose him to inspire the troops when you consider his epic achievements and the self-belief that got him to the top.

varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphp3Ovr7zIt’s a great reminder that, no matter who you are or how big your ambitions, there is nothing out of your grasp. You may believe that you have less strength or academic intelligence than your competition; however, regardless of if they are actually stronger or not, it’s what you believe that counts. If you put in more time and effort than someone else, practicing and fine tuning your skills, you will develop faster. And, if you believe you can beat them, you will.

Long before Muhammad Ali was officially the best in his field, he would publicly call himself the best. He has been quoted many times saying that you must believe that you’re the best, not pretend that you are. Throughout the UKFast journey, I have often emulated this.

Whilst in this instance the belief is applied directly to sport, I have said many times that the mentalities needed for sport and for business are closely aligned.

If you are going to perform at the top of your game over a long period of time, whether that’s a sporting career or a career in business, you have to be physically and mentally strong – something we take seriously at UKFast, with our focus on health and wellbeing. But, you also need to have that belief.

One way to do this is by learning from others. Seeking out great role models and emulating the traits you admire in them is important if you are to learn and develop. This is why people in all walks of life look to athletes and apply their habits and practices; there’s a lot we can learn from their experiences.

Who are your sporting heroes and what have they taught you? How do you maintain belief in your business?

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