15 April 2015

From the moment we made the move to UKFast Campus from City Tower in 2013, everything has been fast. While this characteristic is in our name – our very identity – no one could have anticipated quite how quickly our pace would accelerate. In many ways, it had to. Trying to move around two hundred people to a new location seamlessly and without disrupting our customers’ businesses was a huge challenge, and we knew that when each team arrived in their new home, it was imperative that they hit the ground running.

officeWhen I see the beautiful BBC buildings that have sprung up in Salford Quays, I know that they took a couple of years to create such a great workplace. At UKFast, we didn’t have that luxury. We needed to create the perfect conditions for people to operate under. The changes came thick and fast with plenty of surprises. I can still remember one of the PR team grinning from ear to ear and saying how exciting it was not knowing what new change she would come into each Monday morning!

Yet, despite the fact that we have transformed our new home massively since then, I am mindful that there will always be improvements and additions to make. Nothing in life stands still and even if it did, why would you want it to? I love motivating the team and I’m always up for new innovations that make their jobs easier and more fun.

For example, at the weekend I shared a photograph taken by one of the guys at UKFast. It showed our brand new office desks, which were designed and built internally, being set up ready for the rest of the team when they arrived to work on Monday morning. They are no ordinary desks, however, as they light up in different colours depending on what you are working on. There is a do not disturb colour for when you’re dealing with a complicated request or in depth phone call, and they even flash if you get a deal. Not only that, but they are also connected to our phone system and databases, so the possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, your office environment defines the type of business you work for or, as an owner, the type of business you want to be. Creating a unique workplace that reflects your values is a great way to keep your team motivated.

What would your ideal workplace look like? Perhaps you already work in your dream office. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

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