16 April 2015

No matter where you stand on the Steve Jobs/Bill Gates debate, there is much that we can learn from both their experiences and approaches to business, technology and leadership. One of Gates’s best observations, in my opinion, was: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

Superhero Support

It was a simple prediction, but when you look at the great leaders of our time, the Fergusons and the Timpsons, he was right; they have shared this key motivator. As UKFast as grown, this has certainly become a personal goal of mine. Some of the proudest memories I have are of watching people who initially started out with us as a young graduate or teenager on work experience having completely come out of their shell and grown massively in confidence.

Someone once told me that, more often than not, people will step up to the plate when you give them more responsibility, wanting to prove you right for believing in them and allowing them to step to the next level. Looking at the great people who make up UKFast, I am reminded why we shun the micromanagement style of other businesses. While it might work for them, it simply isn’t effective for us.

Ultimately, when you find yourself in a position of leadership, there’s a certain amount of responsibility to use it in a way that generates even more success, not just for you but for everyone around you. After all, no leader would be in that position without the support and dedication of their team.

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