17 April 2015

I read a news story yesterday about the half of a million families who had to wait to find out which schools their children would be attending. Whilst there were some variations across the country, in some areas one in six children was missing out on a place at their preferred school. Apparently one council is even removing the policy that allows automatic primary school places to a pupil’s brothers or sisters.


Not only is this disappointing for these kids, but it’s making life more complicated for mums and dads doing the school run. What happens if you have two children going to two different schools because this system has split them up?

As a tight knit business that puts a lot of emphasis on family, we’re all too aware of the challenges parents face trying to balance their working life with being a great mother or father. When we were designing the office, Gail was adamant that the creche would be one of the first bits to be built and boy did she stick to her word! It’s so important that we hold on to great talent and part of that challenge comes down to supporting parents and making their lives easier.

Surely the government needs to be focussing on the problems we have with our education system and actually making things easier for working parents, rather than spending excessive money on schemes like HS2. And if families are moving to certain areas to be near good schools, why aren’t we working to get the ones that aren’t so good up to scratch? It’s worrying that there is even such a thing as a bad school. They should be competing with and learning from the schools that people are queuing up for.

What do you make of this, and if you’re a parent, how has this affected you?

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