21 April 2015

Reading the BBC’s news coverage, one thing is abundantly clear: election fever has got Britain firmly in its grasp.

Looking ahead to Britain's future and what it might hold...

Looking ahead to Britain’s future and what it might hold…

With the bookies predicting an eight out of nine chance that there will be a hung parliament after this election, the question has become less about who will come first, but who will place third and fourth. These are the parties who are potentially able to make the difference and swing the verdict, so it will be interesting to watch as the votes pour in on Election Day!

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the possibility of a coalition between UKIP and the Conservatives and whilst you’d hope that Cameron would be able to neutralise some of their more extreme views, I can’t help but feel a bit concerned about the possibility. Yes, we need immigrants to be let into Britain in an organised manner, but putting too many limitations on this would be to our detriment too.

We need a multicultural society to compete in the business world and I think when it comes to UKIP, they are a little heavy handed in their approach to minority groups. It’s so important to treat people with care and attention, and it would be terrible to get a national reputation for bullying, which is why having UKIP in power outright would be a disaster.

While the main party leaders might be focussing on winning an overall majority, the odds of this happening are looking less and less likely. So who will you be voting for, and which parties would you like to work together in the event of a hung parliament?

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