27 April 2015

Last week Richard Branson wrote a blog called “My manifesto for entrepreneurship”, in which he encouraged the government to put more focus on cultivating and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.

Hosting business events at UKFast with our colourful auditorium!

Hosting business events at UKFast with our colourful auditorium!

One of the things he pointed out was the need for more events in the UK that are designed to promote start-ups. Having launched their “Pitch to Rich” competition, Virgin is clearly putting this idea into practice, and I think that creating more of these opportunities for growing businesses can only be a good thing.

When I reflect on my early days in business, even before UKFast, there was nowhere near as much collaboration between businesses as there is now, especially when you look at Manchester today where the community is hugely supportive. Back then, however, that conduit connecting businesses and getting them speaking to each other didn’t really exist.

The energy these events create – events like Business Rocks, which is launching here at UKFast Campus in May – is really exciting. The sharing of information and ideas they encourage is invaluable, especially when it comes to strengthening business communities.

What Branson’s blog really illustrates, however, is the impact that entrepreneurs and business owners could have if they were given more of a role in government, working collaboratively with party leaders. Whilst I think we’re starting to see this happen, there is still room for further improvement.

That being said, I think if we vote for the Conservatives – whether as a single party or as part of a coalition – they will continue to strengthen the economy and boost support for British businesses. We’re well and truly sailing as a nation now, and the storms we weathered during the recession are far behind. It’s time to stay the course.

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