28 April 2015

We’ve all heard the saying “one bad apple spoils the barrel”, but when it comes to company culture, it’s true. One negative employee can have a hugely detrimental effect. At best, it’s a distraction; at worst, it can cause great people to leave.

I came across some research on this recently, which claimed good employees are 54% more likely to quit when they work with a “toxic” employee, even if there’s just one in a group of twenty.

When you take on a new employee, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that they will either be strengthening or diluting the culture of your business. The best way to see what really makes someone tick is to take them outside of the workplace and the traditional ‘interview’ scenario.

Picking a team and managing them well is often the difference between success and failure.

The UKFast apprentice class off 2014

Having an amazing training and development team keeps the team feeling motivated!

I’m always surprised when people say money is the biggest motivator. You can give people a raise every year, but if that’s the only thing moving forward then surely they will eventually switch off.

So, what is an engaged employee? In my experience, they are the ones who feel valued and know that the work they do is integral to the success of the business.

Micromanagement is a word I hate, as I’ve learned it’s far more effective to empower people and give them responsibility over their own area of the business. More often than not, when you present somebody with a new learning curve like this, they will surprise you by how well they step up to the challenge.

Listing core values on your company’s website is one thing; embodying them is another. The environment you create for your team has to reflect the characteristics it values.

Whether it’s a gaming den where people can relax and refocus at lunch time or a gym where they can work off any stress, having amazing spaces that people want to spend time in is essential.

chillout room

Dynamic spaces attract dynamic people

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have a great team of builders bringing UKFast Campus to life; however, I don’t think we’ll ever stop adding to it. That’s the beauty of life though, as nothing stands still.

For me and Gail, the bonkers ideas our team come up with are great challenges and there’s nothing better than seeing the look on people’s faces when they come in to work to a huge surprise.

On that note, watch this space! There’s plenty more in the pipeline for UKFast.

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