30 April 2015

As the North West grows ever stronger, giving the South a run for its money, I’m incredibly excited to announce the first Inspire Manchester event at UKFast this summer.

inspire_mcr300x225It’s something I’ve been keen to organise for a while, after being invited to give a talk at Manchester Business School. Ultimately, it’s the students I have to thank for inviting me along and setting off this chain of events.
The feedback I received from them was overwhelming. I talked about goal-setting and the things that helped me along my journey. The word ‘inspire’ came up a lot and I realised that there was an opportunity here to really engage the business community.

I’m sure many entrepreneurs would agree, it can be very difficult for small businesses to maintain the momentum needed to grow. There are thousands of businesses that turn over a million or so, but above that the air is thinner. If we’re going to make this economy stronger than it’s ever been, we should be inspiring smaller businesses to power thorough and get up there.

It’s about asking, “How do I get to the next level?” It’s the same for UKFast and we’re still searching.

Whilst I’ll be speaking at the first event, the goal will ultimately be to get a number of very successful business owners in; some of them are friends – really inspirational people – and I can’t wait to hear them speak.

What’s important to stress is that I’m not the finished article by any means. My journey to learn from great leaders has taken me all over the world and I still continue to search out those people who are way ahead of me and learn from them. If I can filter down some of the information I’ve picked up from the great people I’ve met, I’ll be happy.

If you’re feeling uninspired or want to take your business to the next level, come along on the 10th June from 5-8pm. It’s not just about success stories; it’s about all the mistakes we’ve made too. I don’t care if you’re a competitor – join us and plug into the wealth of information this city’s entrepreneurs and business minds have to share. If it makes us all stronger in the long run, that can only be a good thing.

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