1 May 2015

When we talk about the perfect conditions for success, what do we really mean? I often talk about creating the best possible environment for your employees to thrive, but how does this apply in a wider sense? If we come from humble beginnings, are we at a disadvantage compared to those who maybe had more?

Colomendy Estate, Denbigh.

Colomendy Estate, Denbigh

Personally, I think it’s the opposite. Growing up on a council estate in Denbigh and not being particularly academic, you might say I was at a disadvantage but it’s all about perspective.

If you come from humble beginnings, you could take the view that actually you have nothing to lose. When you look at it that way, the risks that others avoid are yours for the taking.

As long as you know what you want and choose to focus on it entirely, you can achieve big things, no matter how small the start. I’m lucky in many ways to have been so passionate about music from a young age. That passion drove me to sing my heart out every day and gained me a scholarship at Durham Chorister School.

It’s so important to encourage people from all walks of life to build their self-belief and grasp every opportunity that comes their way. With great role models emerging strong from the sporting world after Britain’s Olympic success, there’s plenty of inspiration for young people.

Nobody should be made to feel like they are less worthy of or less likely to achieve success than another. We all have the ability to achieve our goals as long as we have the necessary self-belief. What do you think? Do humble beginnings always put people at a disadvantage or is it a matter of perspective?

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