5 May 2015

This weekend, I came across a story that can only be described as idiotic. You might have seen the news of Ed Miliband’s latest stunt, unveiling an eight foot monument with Labour’s “promises” carved into it. Not only that, however, as he actually announced his plans to put it in the Downing Street garden, a historic garden no less.

Nothing in life is set in stone...

The Labour leader, looking stony faced

No matter who you support, I think it’s fair to say this is a huge waste of tax payers’ money! Who, amongst his own party, is keeping him in check? Surely, someone must have taken him to one side and said, “Hold on Ed, I think this might be a bit much!” If not, why not?

I can imagine even Labour supporters are turned off by this one. At best, it’s presumptuous, at worst it’s just narcissistic. And even if it is a visual metaphor for his pledges being “set in stone”, surely having an actual statue is overegging the pudding?

I’m not sure this latest move has done Labour any favours, and personally I think it shows, as George Osborne wryly commented, that: “Once again, Ed Miliband’s judgement is not rock solid.”

What are your thoughts? Is this a monumental mistake or is it worth the British tax payers’ hard-earned money?

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