8 May 2015

Yesterday was the first ever Business Rocks festival, which we were privileged to host here at UKFast. The organisers’ belief that Manchester will become one of the biggest tech hubs in the world is one I share and I think we are already well on the way, and most certainly giving London a run for its money.

Taking a break between talks at Business Rocks

Taking a break between talks at Business Rocks

Speaking at the event was an honour and I don’t think I’ll ever get over that feeling of standing on a stage in front of people who actually want to spend some of their time listening to me. It’s very humbling.

I’ve been reflecting on the questions I was asked during my talk and I want to take some time this Sunday to write about it in more depth, but one thing I found especially interesting was the hesitance people feel when setting out their goals and dreaming up new ideas for themselves.

It’s true that often, when you aim for something big – whether that’s a nice car or a million pound house – people can be judgemental. Maybe on some level we tell ourselves we shouldn’t aim for things like that, and by doing so we limit our own success.

But what I would say is this: the ideas you have, especially as a young person, are no more radical and no more or less belittled than the young people of any generation. In fact, it’s often the radical ideas and dreams that create lasting and positive change in the world.

It’s the people who dream big and simply don’t allow others to undermine that self-belief who achieve the most and leave a lasting legacy.

There is no reason why any one of us cannot achieve our goals, no matter how seemingly ludicrous they may be. Everything in your physical world started off as a single thought, from what you’re wearing to what you have for lunch. Yes, those things are very simple, but they happen because you believe and know that you can turn those initial thoughts – the tie you want to wear or the meal you’d like to eat – into reality. So why not achieve something much, much bigger?

The only thing that limits our success in life is our mind-set and whether or not we believe we can do something. So, next time somebody rolls their eyes at one of your ideas, don’t allow yourself to feel belittled. Instead, ask yourself how it will feel when you prove them wrong!

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