11 May 2015

I’ve said it before, but with all the tech and business events taking place in the city, now is Manchester’s Industrious Revolution. The Conservative victory at the polling stations last week hopefully marks the acceleration of the Northern Powerhouse concept, with further devolution of budgets and support for local digital business growth.

As a British business, it makes complete sense to host your IT infrastructure within the UK, and Manchester is perfectly located in the centre of the country. As an SMB, outsourcing your IT can feel hugely worrying, yet the cost savings and support you can tap into are well worth it in my opinion. That’s why we’ve invested millions into building state of the art data centre facilities for our clients, whether they’re using colocation, cloud or managed hosting.

It’s not just about the technology, however, as the people behind that technology are equally important. Being able to plug into tech support team based in Britain who are at the top of their game with regular, up to date training provides peace of mind I don’t think you can get from keeping everything in house.

For so many UK businesses, now is a better time than ever to grow and expand. With Cameron and his team continuing to stabilise and improve the economy, I have high hopes not only for business but for the future of the North West as a major hub for digital innovation.

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