14 May 2015

At first glance, a data centre (DC) business might not seem the natural habitat for caped crusaders, but as a business we’re proud to support Key 103’s annual Cash for Kids Superhero campaign. Tomorrow, the UKFast team will be dressing up and showing off their alter-egos to raise money for the Beechwood Cancer Care Centre.


Raising money for the Beechwood Cancer Care Centre

If you haven’t heard of this wonderful charity, it provides a much-needed service for kids who’ve lost a parent or relative in tragic circumstances. Experiencing bereavement as an adult is difficult enough; it pains me to imagine how children manage to process this kind of experience.

It is a comfort to know that there are some amazing people out there providing support to these incredibly brave young people, and it’s an absolute privilege to be involved as a sponsor.

So let’s get the whole city showing up to work as superheroes. Manchester is undoubtedly one of the best locations when it comes to the community pulling together, which has been proven time and time again – from Mission Christmas to Harvey’s Den – where generous individuals have stepped up to help those around them. It’s always a great reminder of why we chose to set up in this city.

Personally, I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes. Competition is always fierce at UKFast and I can think of a few people who take it very seriously! Having said that, if you think you can beat us with your superhero attire, feel free to share your pictures with us and Key103 – and donate £5 by texting KEY to 70070. Thank you, Manchester.

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