18 May 2015

I couldn’t start this week’s blog without mentioning the incredible effort the people of Manchester put in last Friday for Key 103’s Cash for Kids ‘Superhero Campaign’. In total, you raised £100,073.85 for Beechwood Cancer Care, a charity providing essential bereavement services for young people who’ve lost a loved one or have a terminally ill parent.

Key 103 arrive at UKFast Campus

Key 103 arrive at UKFast Campus

I met the Key 103 team when they visited us at UKFast, arriving in style on the top of a fire engine with music blaring and lights flashing!

They are an amazing example of the power an organisation actually has when it comes to rallying together the community, and Manchester is a great place to do it, as I said last week. People never fail to surprise me with their generosity.

So well done to everyone for raising such a great total, and to Beechwood; you deserve it. Keep doing the incredible work you do.

I thought I’d leave you with a few photos of the UKFast team and their fancy dress efforts. You’re superheroes with our clients 24/7/365, but I’m sure those of you who painted yourselves green from head to toe will be grateful you don’t have to dress like one every day!


A heroic effort from the team at UKFast


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