20 May 2015

It’s great to see a politician genuinely praising the country’s small businesses, something the new Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, did yesterday during his first speech in the position. In his hometown of Bristol, where he grew up in a flat above his parents’ shop, he described SMEs as “Britain’s engine room” and acknowledged their huge contribution to the economy.


Image: gov.uk

What’s positive to see is a politician with some business background taking this position. He is a man who has come from humble beginnings and taken on responsibility from a young age, which is something I personally have a lot of respect for.

It’s also worth mentioning that Javid’s comments about the government getting out of the way of small businesses and empowering them to “get on with it” are also applicable to us as business owners in our approach towards employees. Micromanagement and pointless bureaucracy can become huge distractions and, in my experience, you are much better stepping back and helping people to develop personally and professionally by encouraging them to be responsible and accountable.

I look forward to reading more about the Enterprise Bill that Sajid Javid and Anna Soubry – the new minister for small business – have mentioned. It sounds like they’re planning to simplify things for small businesses and give them further support to help them succeed.

Unnecessary distractions are the stumbling block of many small businesses, so seeing the government pushing to remove some of them definitely signals a step in the right direction.

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