26 May 2015

I recently blogged in response to an article written by opera critic Rupert Christiansen, which basically suggested Manchester was too uncultured to appreciate investment in the arts. His piece, which at best could be called ignorant, generated quite a backlash. It’s hardly surprising.

CaptureManchester is a hub of cultural, scientific and sporting innovation, and ‘Home‘ – the venue Christiansen doubted Mancunians would want – was welcomed with open arms during its “HOMEwarming” this weekend.

Simon Stephens, the playwright whose play ‘The Funfair’ is the theatre’s first production, pointed out that many artists can no longer afford to live in London and are moving up North in their droves, adding: “I think this has the potential to be the most exciting theatre city in the UK.”

Personally, I think if any British city can claim this title, it’s Manchester. It’s an incredibly positive, dynamic place to live and work. Over the past decade, it has been completely transformed and, no doubt, will continue to evolve and develop. I, for one, can’t wait to see what this great city has to offer in another ten years’ time.

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