27 May 2015

Today is the State Opening of Parliament, when we can expect the Queen’s Speech to outline the government’s goals, the laws they want to be approved over the coming year.

A nod to the Monarch in UKFast reception

A nod to the monarch in UKFast reception

Apparently, this is the 64th time the Queen has given the speech and she’s only ever been absent on two occasions – both when she was pregnant. It’s quite an impressive feat; no wonder that this September she’s due to become the longest-reigning monarch in the nation’s history!

I will be watching the speech with great interest, as there are a number of topics on the agenda that I feel passionately about, and that have the power to significantly impact the British economy and the technology sector. From a reform on strike laws to the Communications Data Bill, there’s a lot at stake, and a lot to listen out for.

Will you be watching proceedings? I’ll be sharing my personal reaction in tomorrow’s blog so keep an eye out and feel free to share your thoughts on the laws outlined. Even if we don’t agree, it’s interesting to see other people’s opinions and perspectives.

As a nation, we can only get stronger by communicating, no matter how differently we may occasionally view things.

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