28 May 2015

I had a great time at the Radio 5 Live studio yesterday, dissecting the Queen’s Speech as part of their ‘Afternoon Edition’ panel. All in all, it was certainly an interesting event, and I think, for a monarch who has delivered over sixty of these speeches during her reign, the Queen is probably the most switched on grandmother in Great Britain!

At the 5 Live studio

At the 5 Live studio

I think I might have worried my PR team slightly when I took on Labour’s Chuka Umunna over UK business and productivity, yet it’s so important that we don’t resort to a negative rhetoric about this country and the people working hard to drive it forward.

There’s a spring in the British step. The economy is on the up and, by categorically stating that our productivity is very low compared with other G7 nations, he’s doing the country a disservice in my opinion.

As a business owner, I certainly don’t see my team taking seven days to do what the equivalent team in another country could do in a day! And, as one of my fellow panel members pointed out, perhaps he should look to Labour’s own productivity slump before deflecting the attention onto SMEs.

What did you make of the Queen’s Speech yesterday? Does any of the legislation concern you or are you feeling positive about the coming months?

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