29 May 2015

Whilst I’m feeling positive about the British economy at the moment, I’ve got to admit to feeling slightly concerned about the SNP potentially throwing their weight around in Parliament.

Photo by Harry (Howard) Potts

Photo by Harry (Howard) Potts

Alex Salmond’s comments about wanting to be a “large thorn” in the side of Cameron’s government are simply disruptive and largely unhelpful, especially at a time when we’re much better off channelling our efforts and resources into strengthening the economy.

Great Britain is called Great Britain for a reason: it’s one place, or as the PM put it, “one nation”. The Scots have got some great ideas – the fact that kids can go to university without being charged fees, for example. But I don’t think that Scotland should stand alone or try to set itself apart from the rest of the UK.

By working together – and putting prickly comments aside – I’m positive we can take Britain’s economy from strength to strength.

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