2 June 2015

I read an interesting report yesterday, based on research from the Electoral Reform Society, which has called this year’s General Election “the most disproportionate in British history”. They looked at alternative voting systems and worked out how many MPs each party would have gained or lost if these systems had been in place.

pollingWhen the results of the election came in, I was certainly struck by the disproportionate number of seats parties gained when compared with the number of votes they received.

No matter what you think of UKIP’s policies, I think it’s fair to say there’s something amiss when they receive only one MP for more than 3 million votes whereas the SNP gained 56 MPs for less than 2 million votes.

Maybe it’s time to look at the way our voting system works, especially as the outcome could have been so different under a different system. Whilst I am pleased to see a Conservative government, I believe the system we have in place isn’t representing the opinions and beliefs of the British people well enough.

It’s a question of fairness, and surely it is fair that each party gets a suitable representation in Parliament that reflects the number of votes they received. If we canvassed the opinions of the public, I think we might see a desire for electoral reform.

What do you think? Is ‘first-past-the-post’ past its sell by date? Have your say on my latest poll.

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