5 June 2015

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority’s (IPSA) decision to give MPs a 10% increase in pay has been a controversial issue for a while, so it’s positive that we’re seeing some MPs actually appealing against it.


Image credit: Number 10

For more than a decade we have delivered a 5% pay increase to everyone involved at UKFast. It’s something Gail and I are incredibly proud of being able to do, but it is only possible because the team work so hard to support our customers, innovate new technologies and – ultimately – drive our growth as a business. They carried us through the recession and we are the business we are today because of their efforts.

However, whilst the coalition government did a good job stabilising the economy and improved a number of areas, a pay rise of this size seems unfair when you consider the experiences of some public sector workers. It is the hardworking people of Britain and the determined SMEs that have contributed the most to the country’s recovery, but will the most deserving people in society be getting a similar reward in their pay packets?

What’s encouraging to see is that a number of MPs have committed to giving the extra money to charity. Personally, I think that’s admirable as it shows that these people are in Parliament to actually help drive positive change and make a difference, not to earn as much as they can no matter what.

These are the people we need running our country, and I hope David Cameron, who has opposed the increase in the past, will put ethics first and make the right decision.

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