10 June 2015

I shared a quote last week which read: “If you fear losing, you will surely lose. So lose your fear and you cannot be beaten.”

Now, you might argue that feeling fearful about not winning is a good way to motivate you; however, there’s a fine line between that nervous feeling which you can channel and use to your advantage, and the type of fear that overwhelms you completely.


One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that you tend to get what you focus on in life. When you see things through that lens, you realise that becoming preoccupied with fear – visualising the mistakes you might make or the humiliation you might feel if you lose – actually makes it more likely to manifest in real life.

So what can you do to lose your fear and increase your chances of success? Personally, I’ve found that having a positive affirmation to break negative patterns of thinking is very effective. If your mind is telling you how scared you are about the possibility of losing, rewrite the story! What about the feeling you will get when you cross the line, win the race, or whatever it is you are trying to achieve?

You might be thinking, “But Lawrence, what if I actually lose?” To this, I would say, “So what?” Life is less about what happens to us and more about how we choose to react to those things. If you look back throughout history, no great individual – whether they were a sporting hero or a scientist – ever achieved success without failure. It’s what you take from that failure that counts.

So, lose the fear and take a deep breath. You’re onto a winner.

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