15 June 2015

I’ve often noticed that, when bad news strikes, some people spring into action – finding ways to stay resilient and refusing to give in. That said; it can be difficult not to feel aggrieved sometimes, especially if you’ve taken a number of hits in a short space of time.

If it's a case of sink or swim, always choose swim!

If it’s a case of sink or swim, always swim!

Yet, no matter how tough things might seem, the worst thing you can do is allow yourself to become a victim. It’s a slippery slope that can end up with you disempowering yourself completely.

There’s a saying, I think by Eleanor Roosevelt, which goes: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Whilst this is true of other people who might criticise or doubt you, it also applies to the way we view ourselves and our role in life.

If what we think dictates how we feel, it stands to reason that a change in internal narrative can help alter our feelings. Instead of thinking, “Bad things always happen to me” – which in itself will attract even more negative experiences – focus on the things in life you are grateful for.

It’s a fact that we cannot feel more than one emotion at a time – so you cannot feel happy and despairing simultaneously. Personally, I find this change in focus incredibly effective for removing stress.

Instead of worrying about the negatives in life, remember an occasion where you have overcome a challenge and draw on that strength of character. If you could be that resilient then, it is within you to be just as resilient now. Let me know how you get on.

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