18 June 2015

We’ve been born into an era like no other. In the last hundred years there has arguably been more progress and more technological uplift than any other century in history. My uncle actually remembers when we still used horse-drawn carriages. Can you imagine having a real problem and needing to get to the hospital, but having to wait for the horse-drawn ambulance to arrive? That’s in our lifetime, in one of our generations!

Mobile Monday Manchester

Mobile Monday Manchester

Compared with the kinds of innovations that explode into reality on almost a monthly basis nowadays and you can see the colossal progress that has been made. It really is leaps and bounds.

To give an example, you might have read about the British woman born without a right hand who was recently given what scientists are calling the world’s most life like bionic hand. Its makers built it around an accurate skeletal structure and used incredibly advanced technology for precise, true to life movements.

Whilst it doesn’t look like a human hand, its functionality is clearly life-changing, and an amazing example of how technology can change people’s lives. This is fundamentally what technology does at its best, simplifying and enhancing elements of the world we live in.

We’re also seeing a huge burst in connected technology. On Monday, UKFast hosted a Mobile Monday Manchester event where ‘Smart Things’, its speakers, discussed the huge possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), many of which were aimed at simplification. There are certain things that technology can never replace – the power of human interaction and thought, for example – but it can also empower us, doing mundane tasks so we can focus on the activities and people that really matter.

Time is precious, and technology is great at helping us maximise it. Looking to the future, I think the possibilities are endless. The only limit is our imagination.

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