22 June 2015

After so much of last year traveling from place to place, it’s great to be back in Manchester, one of the only places I feel truly at home. There are so many inspirational individuals who call this city home, a number of whom spoke at our inaugural Inspire MCR event at UKFast Campus this month.

Inspire MCR at UKFast Campus

Inspire MCR at UKFast Campus

One of those individuals was Phil Jones, Brother UK’s managing director, who shared a life lesson that really resonated with me. I wanted to share that today, especially for anyone who couldn’t make the event (there will be plenty more coming up, so keep an eye out for the next one).

The story Phil told invited the whole room to imagine themselves on a beach, wandering towards a jetty and siting on the edge, looking out over the sea. “It’s your fortieth birthday,” he said. “You sit there for an hour, reflecting on your life. What have you actually done? Have you answered more emails than anybody else and worked harder and longer than anybody else? What have you really achieved with your life so far?”

He went on to describe a moment of revelation, where he realised that life was about so much more than slavishly sitting in front of a computer, and that what lay ahead was not a slow decline into old age, but a range of possibilities that would be better and greater than ever before.

These kinds of moments, as Phil rightly pointed out, often happen when people experience something life-changing. For me, this was my avalanche accident. It was a moment when I realised I hadn’t done enough to change the world; I hadn’t left an impact, spent enough time with the people I loved or helped enough people. I vowed that if I lived, I would squeeze every drop out of every day for the rest of my life. It’s a promise I honour to this day, after I was given a second chance.

Thinking about this experience and Phil’s words, it struck me that – for those of us who have had this rude awakening – it’s so important to share what you’ve learned with others. The earlier people realise that their life can be bigger and better and happier than before, the better. To quote Phil’s wise words: “Live life on purpose. Understand that what you perceive as your limits are not, they are simply constructs. Your limits and your potential are much greater than you can ever possibly have imagined.”

Are you living a life without limits?

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