24 June 2015

When it comes to conversations about schemes like high speed rail, I stand firmly by the opinion that taxpayers’ money would be better spent in other areas, including Britain’s IT infrastructure. When you consider how reliant our economy is on fast, accessible internet connectivity, it makes perfect sense.

dc smallSo, as you can imagine, I was pleased to see that Virgin Media will be investing £75m in bringing superfast broadband to Manchester.

It’s part of a campaign which will see them put £3bn into improving connectivity across the country, bringing faster broadband to four million homes and businesses over the next five years.

Hopefully, we won’t just see big cities like ours feeling the benefits either. If we’re wanting to boost the British economy, we need to improve the infrastructure in rural areas too. If we do, I think we will see an increase in start-ups at the fingertips of the country, which can only be a good thing.

I remember when broadband used to rely on modems and was extraordinarily slow. As a business, speed underpins our entire business principle and in those early days we became fixated on how to make websites faster.

Investing in Manchester’s infrastructure is something we take seriously, which is why we partnered with The Loop, which links major commercial points throughout the city with its fibre optic network. By joining forces, we’re strengthening connectivity and supporting Manchester’s business community, something that’s been part of UKFast’s purpose since the early years.

The digital economy has never been stronger in Great Britain and every step taken to strengthen is a step in the right direction, allowing this already productive country to compete on a global scale. No matter how fast we become, we can always get faster!

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