30 June 2015

With a team of two hundred-odd (or two hundred, odd) people and counting, it can be a challenge to make sure that the achievements of every single individual are recognised, but it’s so important not to overlook anyone. Every person is an integral cog, making your business run smoothly; no single role is more or less important than another.

It’s become a bit of a mission of mine this year to really identify the superstars in our midst, as not everybody is demonstrative or loud, but still contribute a huge amount from behind the scenes. We started this off yesterday with the first “Half Year Heroes” awards at our company wide Monday Morning Meeting.

UKFast Legend Award!

UKFast Legend Award!

Last week, we got everyone to vote for the colleagues they thought best represented our core values: passionate, professional, supportive, innovative and dynamic. We also had an UKFast Legend award for the one individual who encompassed all of these characteristics.

Congratulations to everybody who won a trophy. Never underestimate the impact you have, not only on the success of the business but on the people around you, your friends and colleagues.

What I would say, however, is that choosing people to win these awards is incredibly difficult. There were so many people who received votes and I would have had even more people up on stage yesterday, although we would have been there all day! That said, there are plenty more opportunities in the pipeline to recognise and reward everyone’s hard work.

Whether it’s shout outs in the newsletter, which gets sent out to people’s homes each month, or the great friends and family day we’ve got planned this summer, I want everybody to feel valued.

I can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve got up our sleeves for UKFast! Watch this space…

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