1 July 2015

Last weekend we announced National Beach Week, our endeavour to get workplaces across the UK embracing the summer sun and allowing their employees to dress for the weather. I’m pleased we did, as the TUC published a press release yesterday calling on business owners to relax workplace dress codes during the heatwave! It’s always nice to be ahead of the curve.


Marketing and Comms Meeting in the Sunshine

For any companies out there who aren’t doing this, the temperature affects the way we think, feel and behave. If it’s too hot, you’re likely to see people getting frustrated, tired and uncomfortable. Is this conducive to productivity? Quite the opposite.

Having read the TUC’s guidelines, I can happily say we have complied already, with relaxed beachwear (there are some terrible Hawaiian shirts around UKFast Campus this week), water coolers and air conditioning. We’re also going to be holding a summer BBQ to coincide with beer Friday – an announcement which, unsurprisingly, has gone down very well with the team!

For businesses, it makes absolute sense to embrace shorts and t-shirts during this unusually hot weather, otherwise your team will face an uphill battle. It’s our responsibility as employers to create an environment that gives people the best possible chance at success, whatever the weather.

Are you dressing down for #NationalBeachWeek?

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