2 July 2015

Yesterday, I read a really interesting blog post of Richard Branson’s about getting better with age.

Why go downhill when you can keep on going up?

Why go downhill when you can keep on going up?

It’s hard to believe he’s turning 65 this month, especially when you’ve had the experience of running around Necker Island with him for hours! So I had to smile when I saw he’d challenged his kids to try and beat him at tennis before this particular birthday and so far managed to defend his winning title.

In many ways, this doesn’t surprise me. Richard is king of the winning routine, making sure he incorporates everything into his day, whether it’s getting up early and practicing while others are still asleep, or fitting a spot of kite-surfing in between work. Like me, he’s also a fan of a little friendly competition.

It goes to show that age really is just a number and, if you make the time to practice the things you enjoy, there’s no reason you won’t keep on improving. It’s so important to make sure you don’t lose the passion and imagination of youth by allowing yourself to become jaded or managing your expectations.

This approach to life is something Phil Jones mentioned at our Inspire MCR event last month, describing the revelation he had on his 40th birthday as he realised that – rather than going downhill – the future looked bigger and better than ever before. He used this phrase about your “tap of wisdom” being turned on, either when you reach a certain age or when a life-changing event alters your perspective.

The challenge now is for the younger entrepreneurs to step up and try to beat people like Richard. You’ll have a job on your hands, but what a great goal to aim for!

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