3 July 2015

A great night was had by all at the Skills for Business Awards on Wednesday, where we won the gong for Creative, Media & Digital Technology. Thank you so much to the judging panel for such a fantastic commendation.

Sax and Arlene

Well done Sax and Arlene!

Since we launched the training and development department, headed up by the inimitable Aaron Saxton and Arlene Bulfin (who won ‘halfway heroes’ awards at our Monday Morning Meeting this week for ‘most passionate’ and ‘most dynamic’ respectively), we have seen huge benefits.

I once heard Arlene describe to someone how starting a career with a business should be the beginning of a learning journey, not the end of one. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. If you don’t give people opportunities to develop and achieve, they stagnate and that’s how you end up losing incredible employees.

Arlene and Aaron, both former teachers themselves, have also been fantastic when it comes to the work we do with local schools, and it’s amazing to see young people getting into things like coding.

Some people think technology is ‘boring’ for children, but those people have clearly never seen a room full of children grinning because they’ve programmed a toy helicopter to take off or used software to get a light bulb to switch on. We’re really proud to be in a position where we can get youngsters excited about digital technology.

I’m a firm believer that starting up in business isn’t really about making money. It’s a by-product of passion and it’s what happens when you set out to make something better, either for an industry or for society. I’m so proud to have such a great team making such a difference to education and UKFast. Keep up the good work.

As Nelson Mandela famously said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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