10 July 2015

London is somewhere I enjoy visiting every now and again, but judging from the photos of the underground yesterday, it was not a particularly enjoyable place to be!


Not a union rep to be seen!

I read a few articles about the strikes on the news and I’ve got to say, stories like these really infuriate me.

Unions were put in place years ago for very good reason, preventing workers from being exploited. Since then we’ve got specific legislation to stop employers from taking advantage of their workforce. Not only that, but with social media you can make examples of bad practice go public very quickly; you don’t need to strike in order to do this.

In terms of TFL and how they have behaved, you’ve got to remember that they’re running a business and they have millions of people to keep happy. How would people cope if you said, “We’re shutting the internet at midnight”? We live in a 24 hour world. And, as far as I’m aware, they’re not forcing anyone to work late and have offered a £2,000 bonus for night shifts.

When it comes to work/life balance, working a 35 hour week seems fairly average, especially in comparison to some other professions. Not only that, but from what I’ve seen, tube drivers have around 40 days of holiday and earn salaries bigger than nurses and police officers. I don’t think they’ve come off well at all and they haven’t taken into consideration the fact that the whole nation is working really hard to get Britain back in the black.

Personally, I don’t think striking works. I think it’s unfair and disruptive to the working public. You only have to think back to how strike action ruined the coal mines in Wales. And the problem is, during these walk outs, you’ve got union reps who don’t actually suffer or lose their pay! It just doesn’t add up. There has got to be a better method of getting people around a table communicating and compromising.

On the plus side, I enjoyed seeing some of my London friends’ photos of the beautiful parks they crossed on their (probably longer than normal) walks to work. Respect to you for making the most of a bad situation and taking some time to enjoy the outdoors and some fresh air.

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