22 July 2015

You’d think that with all the upset around the 10% pay rise going ahead for MPs, despite a period of austerity, politicians would be treading carefully at the moment. However, that doesn’t appear to be the reality of the situation for some, including Conservative MP Rob Wilson.

17121929770_f67059429b_zNow, I’m all for being careful with money, but claiming a 9p journey on expenses is baffling. Wilson argued that this and similar claims, such as 60p for a trip on his bike (tell me how is that priced up) make sense because they add up over time and it’s important that politicians visit their constituents. Yet surely there are other MPs who make these journeys without placing so much emphasis on saving every penny of their earnings.

Personally, I think we need to get people into politics whose primary concern isn’t financial, but one that focuses on actually making a positive difference for others. I think we’d see a much stronger, fairer government as a result. What do you think? Would you claim 9p for a journey?

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