23 July 2015

While I’ve always enjoyed some healthy competition with Richard Branson – and, in fact, he’d be the first person to encourage others to try and beat him – there’s no denying he is one of Britain’s best entrepreneurs and a great person to learn from.


Image credit: Virgin

He recently blogged: “Failure is a hurdle, not a dead-end.” Personally, I’d have to agree. Yet, I would also say it’s more than this.

There is knowledge in failure and it’s up to us to reflect on our mistakes and find that knowledge. At what point did things start to go downhill? Is there a better way of reaching that particular goal? Perhaps all that’s needed is a change in perspective.

Where Richard really hits the nail on the head is in his observation that, “Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.” Nowhere could that be truer than the technology industry, where you’ve got things like software constantly changing, being tweaked, improved and advanced.

Of course there will be moments of failure for people and technology; hardware and humans. But as long as each of these moments leads to positive change then, like Richard says, it hasn’t been a dead-end at all, just a hurdle along the way.

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