29 July 2015

There is something radically wrong with the world where it’s possible to hunt beautiful animals. The story hitting the headlines – Cecil the majestic lion murdered by a dentist who has an obsession for killing animals – is one that makes me so sad. Money shouldn’t be able to buy everything. There is a saying that “money is the root of all evil” and it’s deeply saddening to see the lengths people will go to, to obtain and spend money.

Lawrence Jones MBE looks into the question of money and morals surrounding the death of Cecil the lion

There have to be limits to what is right and what is just plain wrong. We, as a civilised race, should also be taking responsibility ourselves for what we should and shouldn’t do. There are so many better ways you can spend money, how did this become something that is viewed as recreation or as normal behaviour to anyone in our society?

The only glimmer in this story is that the people who organised the shoot and lured the lion away from the park where they are protected, are facing court hearings and it’s clear that the government of Zimbabwe are toughening up.  But why isn’t Walter James Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota who paid £35,000 to take Cecil’s life, standing alongside them in the dock? That’s the message we need to hear. He is ultimately the one we need to be hunting down right now.

I am a great believer in karma and, whilst Palmer might escape the justice system in Zimbabwe, he has been now named and shamed. There will hopefully be people in his home country of America who will challenge him on his barbaric acts.

With only a handful of white rhinos left in the world and an ever-increasing list of extinct animals on our blood-stained hands, we as a race have to take collective responsibility. How we treat animals should be categorised in the same way we treat humans. A life is precious and needs to be protected, whether that of an animal or a human.

What are your thoughts? Throw him to the lions?


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