30 July 2015

Yesterday I posted about Cecil and his horrendous fate from butcher (dentist) Walter Palmer.

How do you stop a someone like Palmer in his tracks from doing this again?


His customers who learnt about his exploits are all appalled are now boycotting his practise.


Who’s smiling now? Walter Palmer’s customers and social media wipes the smile off butchers face

He will have to resort to table tennis now in his spare time as social media and a very passionate general public have reduced his income to a big fat zero. Paying £35,000 for a hunting trip is now not an option. Plus the overwhelming message everyone is giving him has stopped him in his tracks.

Earlier I talked about Karma. This is a classic example of “what goes around comes around.”

If you disadvantage someone, expect the unexpected. Life has a funny way of balancing things out.


Lions in Africa 35,000

Max estimated lion population


Max lion population in southern Africa

  • 665 Approx number of ‘trophy’ lions killed for export from Africa per year
  • 49 Lion ‘trophies’ exported from Zimbabwe in 2013
  • 0.29% Contribution to GDP of Zimbabwe from trophy hunting
  • 17% Of Zimbabwe’s land given to trophy hunting
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