4 August 2015

Have you ever found yourself dreaming up an idea and immediately knowing it is so crazy that you have to do it? Sometimes I come up with ideas that would make the corporate world’s eyes water. Building a beach in the car park, throwing a two-day music festival in Wales and taking my sales and tech teams VIP-style to Las Vegas all spring to mind. But it is the family events that really get my imagination rolling.UKFast zoofari

Whilst accountants and the corporate world might not see the immediate value that these events have to the business and the people within it, you only have to walk around UKFast Campus for a few minutes to understand why we do it.

We’re a family business through and through and many of the team have grown up with UKFast over the past 15 years. Nothing highlights this more than one of our longest-standing salespeople, Stephen. His daughter Chloe is now part of our reception team and his son had his birthday party in our office crèche! What an honour! Not only having one of our team stay with us for more than a decade, but for his daughter to become part of the UKFast Family too.

We‘re now seeing our first batch of graduates, from all those years ago, reaching the age of starting their own families. There is nothing more special for me as an employer, and the head of this work-family, than to see our team’s families growing and getting to know their children, partners and best friends. That’s why we built a crèche and why we do these family activities.

Children don’t stay children for long. Time goes by in a blink. My eldest is now 12 and youngest Coco is already three. It’s up to people like us, employers and business leaders to help families make the most of the years that they have with their children and to make special memories.

That’s why this month we are putting on the very first UKFast Zoofari.

We are taking over Chester Zoo and inviting not only the team, but their friends and family to a day filled with lions, tigers and bears!

I look forward to making a hundred and more memories at the zoo next weekend, and couldn’t be happier to share them with my fantastic team.

Accountants might argue but, for me, time is the most precious thing in the world and I will always do all I can to help our team to spend it wisely.

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