7 August 2015

Yesterday I posted an image on Facebook. It simply read ‘the only limit is your imagination’. It was absolutely fascinating seeing the response that the image received.

Whilst many shared, retweeted and reposted it across each of my social media channels, several people commented that though they had plenty of imagination, money is their limit.the only limit is your imagination

Back in 1999, we didn’t have a lot of money. We had endless imagination though.

The uphill struggle of setting up a business is hard. Sometimes there isn’t enough money to go around and to pay your bills, you have to save money where you can. There were many a night in the early days of UKFast that Gail and I had porridge for each meal so that we could save money. If you can’t afford a fancy office, work from home. If you can’t afford nice furniture, work from the floor! There are always ways around.

Having the dynamism to be imaginative and find a way around the struggles of not having money, of having a small team or of finding it difficult to carry on with a project; this is what will stand you in the best stead in the future. Not just in business, but in life.

You never know what is over the next hill. It could be a mountain. It could be a smooth plain. The point is, if you see it as a barrier to achieving your goals, rather than thinking of ways around or over it, you’ll never get past it to see what’s on the other side.

I am a firm believer that all you need to succeed in life, whether that is in business or in general, is a great idea and a great attitude. Belief, tenacity and imagination.

Going back to the image I posted, one commentator said that physics are a limit, obviously. Whilst that might be true, it doesn’t stop people trying to find ways around it – otherwise where did the saying ‘defying the laws of physics’ come from?

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