11 August 2015

As an entrepreneur and a businessman with more than 25 years’ experience, I feel the responsibility to share what I have learned with other growing businesses. When UKFast first began, my wife Gail and I spent hours reading different business books and learning as much as we could from those who had succeeded before us.

Inspire MCR at UKFast Campus

Inspire MCR at UKFast Campus

We have travelled across the world to meet the likes of Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson, and I regularly meet with business owners to share ideas. Now, I feel, it’s our time to pay it back.

So, back in June, I was part of the first of a series of events at UKFast Campus aiming to share our experiences and insights, and to help businesses to learn from the lessons that I myself have learned along the way: Inspire MCR.

I was joined by Phil Jones, MD of Brother UK; Dan Cluderay, founder of Approved Food; and Chis Percival.

All of these speakers have fantastic tales to tell about their businesses and advice to share from their entrepreneurial journeys. I was particularly intrigued by Chris – he is just 23 years old and is at the helm of Jigsaw Medical – a company he set up with a battered old vehicle and transformed into a life-saving concept. It’s a great story and I am sure it’s the start of something big for Chris.

As co-founder of ‘best-before food’ seller Approved Food, Dan fought the Dragons in the Den and came out stronger than ever, growing from a market stall to a flourishing online store. And Brother UK’s Phil – who grew from a fax machine salesman to the MD of the well-known tech brand – is an amazing speaker. His talks are about life choices and your behaviour, and how that can affect your path in business.

Inspire MCR was one of my favourite ever events and came at a truly extraordinary time for me. I’d had several events that week, four in that day alone, but to walk out in front of a packed auditorium, with a panel of real business talent to a crowd rippling with energy, knowing that we were having an impact on their businesses was an amazing feeling. I’m sure that each person in the room took something away with them that night that could help their business – even if it was just the free notepad!

Each of the speakers on that stage brought something new and the feedback we had on social media was incredibly rewarding and humbling.

Watch the video below to see what it was all about and let me know what you think. We’re planning the next one soon.

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