12 August 2015

The Office of National Statistics today reported that more job cuts have led UK unemployment to grow in the last quarter. Another headline damning the state of the economy. But, as I have said in recent weeks, this doesn’t paint a picture of the economy as a whole.Ben van Beurden- shell

Whilst the numbers may have risen, a large chunk of this could be down to one or two firms – Shell, for example, announced cuts of 6,500 jobs in the past quarter and two days before that, Centrica cut 6,000. That equates to almost half of this increase in unemployment.

At a time when we are trying to boost the economy, why does the media continue to highlight its weaknesses? Focussing on growth and having belief in our economy is the way to generate more growth. Business owners need confidence in their investments. People don’t spend their money if there’s even a hint of an economic downturn on the horizon.

My advice to those who have found themselves unemployed is to look at growing markets. Steer clear of these big boys – time and again they are reporting job cuts. Join an industry and a business that nurtures you, where you can see potential and where you have room to flourish. You deserve it!

My advice to businesses is to snap up these newly unemployed workers, make the most of the fact that there are great people out there looking for jobs. I hear so much about a skills gap or talent shortage – get out there! Train people to the standard you expect. Find people with great attitudes and give them the skills to succeed.

I believe that now is the time to grow and make the most of the opportunities that we come across, and to be a cut above.

And, as ever, if you’re looking for a new role, we are always hiring superstars so take a look at our careers page.

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