13 August 2015

Your view of the world has a huge impact on your future. Especially on days like today.

It’s A-level results day.

apprentices at UKFast

The UKFast Apprentice Class of 2014

I remember mine clearly. I got three U grades. Sadly, U doesn’t stand for unbelievably good, it stands for unclassified!

Whilst I didn’t have the piece of paper confirming that I was set to be a success, I knew that I could be. It didn’t hold me back, it drove me harder.

Statistics may say that you’re likely to be more successful if you have academic achievements behind you, but I believe that you should never underestimate the importance of creativity and attitude. Society currently tells those who don’t have something to celebrate in their results today that they are on a lower level than those who do. I disagree.

It is incredibly true that the real learning begins when you get into the outside world.

Every moment, every experience and every new person you meet is truly important. The relationships you develop and friends you make along the way are, in my opinion, significantly more valuable than academic qualifications. Granted, if your plan is to be a lawyer or doctor, you need to revisit your studies, up your game and stay on your pathway. If it isn’t, there are so many other routes you can take. Apprenticeships are one example, and are a way of mixing the two – real-world experience with a tangible qualification.

It’s too easy to postpone your journey by finding reasons why it might not work out, like not achieving the results you’d hoped for, but the fun is in the discovery of a new direction and getting out there.

Whatever your results today, be calm and rest assured there is an exciting new challenge ahead. You never know what is over the next hill or around the next corner. Every step is an adventure. Get out there and make a difference!


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