18 August 2015

When you’re young, the world is your oyster. You take on any challenge, you climb to the top of the climbing frame, you learn to read and write, and you learn to walk.
life is made up of small steps to make one big journey
How do you do each of these things? Step by step.

As we get older, I think we often forget that these big successes come from small steps.

It has been an extraordinary few days at UKFast. We’re gearing up for some big leaps here – we have a couple of exciting launches on the horizons; we have new recruits settling into the team and, as I am sure you’ve seen on here and social media, we had our Zoofari Day this weekend.

It was on this day, at the zoo, that I spotted our director of comms, Liz, with her one-year old-son. Seb is just teetering on the edge of walking and it is fascinating to see him growing in confidence, toddling with his mum to whatever takes his fancy at the time. Just as it was with my girls; ultimately these children see something they want to reach (on this occasion, a cuddly toy crocodile), they set their goal and reach for it. One tiny step at a time.

As adults, our attitude often shifts and we focus on getting to the endpoint as quickly as possible. This could mean taking shortcuts or it could mean doing something differently to how you’d intended – as long as you reach the end goal. But is that how you want to achieve it? Let’s not walk before we can run.

As noted in a comment on my Facebook page, it is true, you might step in something not so nice along your way. But, if you keep walking, that will soon be in your past and you will have learned to watch where you walk in the future!

In life and in business, every part of growth involves these tiny steps. Often hundreds of them. And often it is hard to feel like you’re getting anywhere, but every step is moving you along your journey and your confidence grows with each.

Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon may have been huge leap for mankind, but there were thousands of unseen steps behind the scenes to make that final leap happen.

Stick with it. Keep moving.

Do you have a step-by-step story? Share it in the comments below.

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