24 August 2015

Walking around the V Fest site at 5am, I watched the ‘behind the scenes’ teams buzzing around to prep the site for later in the day when the revellers surface from their tents. It not only highlighted how much effort had gone into arranging the festival experience, it also reminded me of the incredible amount of work that does go on behind the scenes of every aspect of modern life.a new perspective

In business we are often very hard on ourselves for not getting things perfect the first time. Whilst perfection is many people’s ultimate goal, it should never get in the way of progress. It is easy to become downhearted by focussing on the seeming perfection of others because you’re not seeing the whole picture.

Invariably there are moments when you might ask yourself why it seems that things come easily to your competitors, peers or idols, or how they are doing everything on their first attempt; but often this is the result of a huge amount of work – and potentially learning from many mistakes – in the background.

I think it’s extraordinarily important to remember this and, ultimately, don’t be so hard on yourself. If you do slip up, sometimes mistakes can prove the best lessons.

It’s also important, every now and then, to get up early and go for a walk, to watch the world working hard to prep for a new day. The unnoticed street sweepers keeping the roads clean, the newspaper deliveries making sure your Metro is at hand on the train, the new parents rushing to get the nappies that they’ve just run out of.

Taking that time, when the rest of the world seems asleep, to stop for a minute, you might just see things from a new perspective.

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