26 August 2015

It’s never a surprise to see something unusual around UKFast Campus. A dog under a desk, a baby sitting on someone’s knee or a lunchtime spin class, are all par for the course under this roof.

code club

However, on Friday, something caught my eye. We were over-run with a troop of children who were all extraordinarily enthusiastic about learning to code.

The two incredible teachers we have here at UKFast, Sax and Arlene, set up our second School Holiday Code Club for the children of UKFast and I was surprised and delighted to see just how engaged they all were by the whole day.

Back when I was at school you were labelled a ‘nerd’ for being into technology and science, so a lot of people shied away from it. It is absolutely wonderful to see how that attitude has changed.

One young lady, who is about four years old, was so into coding that she could happily use software that most adults are clueless about, building her own games and teaching the other children what to do. All while wearing a tiny, pink, Frozen backpack!

It’s now cool to know how to not only work the latest tech, but to build and evolve it. My nine-year-old knows more than me when it comes to coding or the iPad. The Code Club is another example of how we can give back to the community in the simplest of ways, and how we can engage young people in technology early on.

These kids are building programmes, creating quizzes, and websites, and building their own clouds – how amazing is that at 7 years old?

Imagine what, with the right encouragement and opportunity, these children can achieve by the time they are your age!

This thirst for learning can often dry up as we get older. But in nature, you’re either growing or you’re wilting and dying. That’s true with education too. Keep that thirst for knowledge alive. I learn something new every day – more than once a day at the rate that UKFast is evolving!

Seeing these little dynamos whizzing around the office and joining in our eCloud event last week, I was really reminded of the importance of learning every day. Of finding the time to read books, to find the answer to that question that popped into your head, to discover a new way of doing something.

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