27 August 2015

Americans need to ban guns. If you cannot control how people use weapons responsibly, which is clearly the case in the US, why make weapons readily available? There will always be people who will abuse guns, so minimise the risk and make them harder to obtain.

Todays shooting of Alison Parker and Adam Ward is as shocking as it gets. I have just seen the footage and my heart sank. She is smiling and happy, a beautiful engaging person putting energy in to millions of peoples lives. I cannot comprehend why anyone would ever do this?

Just hours before she was murdered on camera

Just hours before she was murdered on camera

What is driving this sort of behaviour? We need to understand it and try and help people to prevent them harming others. There is one thing taking your own life, but it’s a strange breed of person who wants to take someone else’s first. Is it because the victim is visibly happier? Is it envy? It just doesn’t make sense.

If it is a hunger for fame, we should not recognise the gunman.

I cannot comprehend someones need for fame being at a level where its greater than your own life or the lives of others?

Why did Mark Chapman shoot John Lennon on an ordinary Monday in New York back on 8 December 1980?

Its a mystery? What is worse is that there are more and more of these incidents where innocent people and children are being murdered.

Banning guns does not guarantee they all will stop, but it will make it very difficult for people with mental health issues obtaining one.

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