9 September 2015

Today is a momentous occasion for our country. Queen Elizabeth II becomes Great Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. And, whilst I appreciate that many people question the purpose of the Royal Family, I believe that they are essential to modern Britain. Imagine England without the Royals?

her majesty

The Queen photographed by Mary McCartney at Buckingham Palace

You cannot deny the joy that big royal occasions bring to the country – new babies, weddings and how long did people debate who Charles would eventually marry? These occasions lift the mood of the country and get people talking – it’s like nothing else, and at the head of that is Her Majesty.

I don’t think today is the day for questioning the value of the monarchy. It’s a day to, whether Royalist or not, recognise an extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to this country.

At 89 years old, Queen Elizabeth is still fulfilling her royal duties, still representing our great British values and is still admired by millions, if not billions, of people around the world.

It’s undeniable there have been significant shadows throughout her 63-year reign (63 years and seven months to be precise) but, as the prime minister noted today, the Queen has been a “rock of stability” in an era of significant change. And what a change! There are few commonalities between 1952 and 2015.

Elizabeth II has transformed and redefined the monarchy from something seemingly medieval to something modern. And the modern monarchy is seeing something of a resurgence with Kate and William’s growing family.

Representing dignity, resolve and Great Britain, the Queen continues to be the personality at the heart of the monarchy, and of the country. And, in my eyes, long may she reign.

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