10 September 2015

Apple launches have always fascinated me. From the invitation to the post-event promo videos and media content, everything follows a theme which sticks to the brand guidelines.
ipad pro

Apple fan or not, it’s a thing of marketing beauty.

This year’s event caught my attention for a different reason. It is interesting to note that Steve Jobs subscribed to Picasso’s “good artists copy, great artists steal” – I wonder if this played a part in the latest iPad which does have startling similarities to Microsoft’s Surface – something that commenters were quick to highlight.

However, in what could be a stroke of genius or a sign of something else, Microsoft’s Kirk Koenigsbauer was brought on stage to speak about how it works with Microsoft’s products. It’s like they anticipated how people would criticise the product so nipped it in the bud with a direct collaboration.

Cast your mind back to when Steve jobs invited Bill Gates to speak at an Apple conference. Gates’s face appeared behind Jobs – it was huge. It gave the impression that Microsoft was a huge corporation and belittled Apple at its own launch conference.

As if this thawing of a famously icy relationship wasn’t surprising enough, the next guest on stage certainly dropped a few jaws. Considering Steve Jobs’ success with Apps was born from Adobe’s refusal to create Photoshop for iOS/OSX, the announcement of Photoshop Fix, Adobe’s new photo editing app for the iPad Pro, was more of a surprise. It seems that Apple’s relationships with competition and other tech giants has gone full circle.

Apple was never one to conform. They found a way around and innovated another solution and ultimately led the market doing so. Is this latest conference a sign of conformity? Have they gone full circle and is this the beginning of the end of Apple leading the market? Time will tell.

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