11 September 2015

“Every day is an adventure and my pen is my compass.” I posted this quote earlier in the week and noticed that some people didn’t agree.
my pen is my compass

Whilst I appreciate an opposing point of view – and anyone who knows me knows that I welcome a debate – to me this is a big shame. Writing goals and planning ahead in this way is an essential part of any journey.

Without having these written goals, we seldom embark on the journey. Would a ship set sail without having set a course? How far would it go?

My main piece of advice for any budding entrepreneur is always to write down your goals, no matter how ridiculous they may be. I gave out Moleskine books like mine at a recent business event, InspireMCR, to encourage others to do the same. It has had such an impact on my life.

I write every week without fail and it’s been a huge part of my winning formula. My goals range from being the best at squash, to having a yacht with a submarine inside!

I say that my pen is my compass because these goals become my roadmap when I’m feeling lost. There are times in life and in business when you feel lost and you’re desperately seeking a road sign or map – like Alice seeking a path in Wonderland. At times like these, I look back at my little black book (the one that you will always see popping out of my back pocket) and check my route.

Looking through the goals, you rediscover the energy that you had when writing them. I certainly do. Every year, Gail and I sit and look through our goals from the previous year and set our course for the year ahead. Undoubtedly, there are goals that we don’t hit in that year, but they go onto next year’s list and help shape the path that we take for the next 12 months. Each year we tick a few off the list, whilst there are always some that carry over for one, two, even five or ten years. They stay part of the path until we reach that checkpoint.

Ultimately, I believe that writing down your goals and what you want to achieve is an essential part of success.

You should maybe try it and see it it works for you too.

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