16 September 2015

I can’t help but question the latest news from Facebook today and its announcement of a ‘dislike’ button.fb dislike

What a strange concept. In an online world where trolling and negativity are a constant battle with young people on social media, how can a dislike button bring a positive change?

Whilst there are times that ‘liking’ a status doesn’t seem appropriate, perhaps the better response for these times is to pick up the phone and call the person who is clearly in pain enough to post the status in the first place. Pop by for a chat or send them something to make them smile.

Disliking a status seems like a completely alien concept to me.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has said that this is in response to something that users have been calling out for for years, I actually think that in reality it could be very different. Is this not handing another tool for cyber-bullying into the hands of young people who perhaps don’t understand the consequences of what they post online.

‘Likes’ let you know that someone is there. It’s like a small gesture, a nod or a wave. I’m not sure what role a dislike button will play in the future of our online interactions.

What do you think?

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