23 September 2015

code clubIf you were asked to code, how would you feel? According to research released this week, 52% of adults in the UK said that they would feel extremely or very daunted at the prospect of learning to code.

On the other side of the coin, young children are becoming more and more enthusiastic to learn. We’ve seen this first hand at our Code Clubs here at UKFast Campus.

This week is National Coding Week. Aiming to get more people – adults and children – into learning to code, the annual event brings tech skills right to the fore. In my opinion we need to be doing even more to boost our digital skills.

Whilst it is incredible that last year we became the first nation to mandate coding in schools, I think we still fall well behind other countries across the world particularly when it comes to digital literacy in older generations.

To some extent, businesses are responsible for bridging the gap between skills learned at school and keep up with the digital world. Like I have said previously, in nature you’re either growing or you’re dying. Why should that be any different in our lives? We should always be growing and evolving, especially after traditional education has finished.

I am incredibly proud to announce this week that UKFast has launched the first Code Club from commercial premises in the region. Instead of libraries or community centres, we’re putting Code Club right into the heart of a tech business, to show children where they could really apply these skills in future careers. It’s astonishing to see them creating quizzes, games and websites.

When do we lose that hunger to learn and replace it with fear of failure? I think we could all learn something from these children. Take a look at the video. Hopefully it will give you the impetus to join a website like Codecademy and start your journey into learning to code.

Let me know how you get on.

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