25 September 2015

Business is all about people. Whether you’re out of the office or at your desk, people are where you find your inspiration and you’re constantly contributing to theirs too – whether you realise it or not.

UKFast Legend Award

The team at UKFast are my greatest inspiration.

Invariably people are inspired by the leaders at the top of the tree, these people are just people. It’s easy to fall into the trap of emulating these people but copying will always make you second best.

Whilst I aim to emulate great people and read their books – Jim Collins’ books are a staple of my bookshelf – you need to reinvent what these aspirational people are doing and aim to beat them!

On the topic of books, there is no one book with the answer to finding inspiration, I am constantly reading a wide range of books from the great motivational minds and business leaders. Tony Robbins’ and Steve Jobs’ are firm favourites that I would always recommend to anyone looking for a fresh perspective.

Ultimately though, inspiration comes from each other and from inside our heads. From trusting your ideas and instincts and from getting great people together to get the best results possible.

I would love to know how you find your inspiration? What inspires you the most?

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